T-Tec Tuning Box

The T-Tec range of tuning boxes offer superb performance improvements, completely transforming the driveability of your car.

Our ethos of Powerful, Simple and Safe runs through all the products we offer, and these tuning boxes are no exception.

A tuning box works by adjusting certain sensor signals to effectively force your ECU to remap itself. It sees new readings and adapts the performance output of the engine accordingly. The advantage of this over a traditional ECU remap is that all adjustments remain within the factory set safety parameters.

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Your Engine Dances to our Tune

With the T-Tec tuning box installed, it will be running more efficiently than it ever did before. Bringing the power in earlier down the rev range and smoothing out performance spikes that cause an erratic driving experience.

On most vehicles, fitting can be done in 15 minutes without the need for any specialist tools. We also offer a [fitting service] if you prefer.

Mobile App Controlled

Whilst our tuning boxes work wonders as a fit and forget product, you also have the option to have it mobile app enabled. This means once fitted, you can control it directly from your smartphone.

You can switch between different tuning maps for different conditions and even switch it off if needed (e.g. in icy or very wet conditions where you actually want less power driving the wheels).

More Power, Less Fuel

For those that use the power, especially if you have a heavy load, towing a caravan or simply a fairly heavy right foot, you will also see an increase of up to 20% in fuel economy!

5 Year Warranty

All our tuning boxes come with a 5 year warranty as standard. This means any component failure within 5 years of your order date will be replaced or repaired at no cost to you.

Transferable Technology

Unlike an ECU remap, if you change your car you can take your tuning box with you. All you may need is a [change of harness] and/or a [new map].

If you are an ultra cautious driver trying to save every drop of fuel where you can and never putting down the power unless you absolutely need to, this tuning box is not for you. You will not experience the benefits and not see much, if any, MPG increase.

33 reviews for T-Tec Tuning Box

  • John Cowie

    Absolutely fantastic does what it says on the tin

  • Jon Smith

    A doodle to fit and does what it says on the box, now average 60mpg was 49/50. using map no 7 as I feel the higher ones push the power to far up the rev range for my driving style, but may yet try map 6 as I get the occasional stutter when engine cold? Well worth the cost, thank you Speedhawk.

  • Fredrick Fletcher

    Sorry but it did not suit the engine very well(fiat 1.3 multijet with with comfort-matic auto gearbox)driven as a manual the perfomance was good but in auto mode, when the gearbox changes to an higher gear the revs drop right onto the turbo as it just starts to come on song and the engine starts to shake, it happened in 4th, 5th and 6th gears, so it made the vehicle un-drivable between 1700 and 2100 revs. I have since sold the unit to someone who has a corsa with the same engine fitted with a manual gearbox and he loves it. Regards Pete Fletcher.

  • Navair Hayre

    works well good fuel economy 30-34 mpg with box on up to 44mpg good power when needed.have had a few problems with over revving in high gear with pedal down hard