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ITG started out in motorsport over 25 years ago developing an air filter with unique manufacturing techniques and the best design for ultimate performance.

ITG set out with three key criteria,
  • Maximum Air Flow
  • Cleaning Efficiency
  • Dust Load-up Tolerance

This focus has allowed the development of the unique tri-foam system. Each layer specifically designed to focus on the job it needs to do. The flexibility of this system means they remove the highest proportion of airborne dust while maintaining the maximum air flow without dropping pressure.

The development within motorsport brings the performance gains to the road without compromising longevity, these filters last at least 4x longer than the OEM standard filter.

When compared to OEM paper technology or other filter technology the tri-foam achieves the highest airflow of its competitors without sacrificing filtration. The ITG filters have constantly evolving technology, completely resistant to water, fumes, oils and even fuels which is why they are the choice brand with the many motorsport teams in the highest competition.

To top off the incredible technology and development that has gone into these filters, ITG is a UK based company with a great team behind the product.

Think performance, think BHP Plus