Harness for Common Rail T-TEC Diesel Tuning Box

Replacement or additional common rail harness connector for your T-TEC Tuning box


This cable harness allows you to connect your Common Rail T-TEC Tuning Box to most makes and models of cars and vans. This is useful when changing vehicle or transfering your box. They are 1.5m long to give maximum flexibility in positioning the Tuning Box. To identify the correct cable harness, please use our ‘Find Tuning Box’ tool to identify the correct Tuning box for your vehicle

Use the last characters from the ‘Selected Vehicle’ to identify the common rail type and cable harness required:

  • CR-1: Select KB1 Cable
  • CR-2: Select KB2 Cable
  • CR-3: Select KB3 Cable
  • CR-4: Select KB4 Cable
  • CR-5: Select KB5 Cable
  • CR-6: Select KB6 Cable
  • CR-7: Select KB7 Cable

If you are changing your cable harness for a new vehicle you will need a new map for your box. We will supply you this for FREE! Simply send over an email with the details of your new vehicle and we will send you back your new map.

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering a harness connector, please enter your vehicle make, model and year in the ‘Customer Notes’ box in the checkout so we can confirm the correct harness is sent.

Removing your box? Want to keep your harness safe and protected? Our Common Rail End Cap will connect seamlessly to the common rail harness protecting the plug and contacts from contamination also allowing the vehicle to run normally for the duration the box is disconnected.


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