Ideal For Fleets

Speedhawk diesel tuning boxes represent a low cost upgrade to significantly reduce your fuel overhead for both vans and cars.

You of course don’t have to be reminded that one of your highest operating costs is the fuel. With savings of up to 20% possible, installing our dieselpower+ tuning units has to be a consideration. This solution represents a low cost upgrade to significantly reduce your fuel overhead. The units are a ‘plug and play’ system on all but a few vehicles and are transferable from one vehicle to another as and when replaced. Although not necessarily your primary objective, by using less fuel you are also doing your bit for the environment as the reduction in fuel savings is also directly equivalent to less emissions.

As well as fuel savings these units can also be programmed for more power and torque, thus becoming very effective when handling heavier loads. Depending on vehicle type up to a 35% in crease in power and torque can be achieved.

For fleet users we will be pleased to discuss your requirements and also the savings you are likely to achieve based on the vehicle types. We offer a discount structure specific for fleet operators which I am sure you will find attractive.

To show you how confident we are in this product we will be pleased to put our systems on one of your vehicles (nominal deposit required) for a trial over an agreed period. If you are not entirely satisfied we will take the unit back and refund your deposit in full.

So for a ‘no brainer - win win’ opportunity please contact us now to see how we can start reducing your operating costs.

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