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Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Box Vs Cheaper Options

Why should you buy our tuning box at ▒350 when you could go elsewhere and get a tuning box for half the price?

This is a question that is put to us fairly regularly. For those who have shopped around you will see there are quite a few sellers of tuning boxes. Many of them (especially on eBay) sell tuning boxes at a significantly cheaper price than the Speedhawk box. However there is a reason for this.

The first thing we want to do is point out a few facts:

  • A ▒10 coffee machine and a ▒1000 coffee machine both make coffee.
  • A Ford KA and a Ferrari will both get you from A to B.
  • You can watch a football match on a 17▒ TV from Asda or a 42▒ Flatscreen from Philips.
  • You can tune a car with a cheap tuning box and with a Speedhawk box .

I think you get the idea, with the Speedhawk tuning box you are getting premium quality and performance.

Now of course anyone could write the above, claim that theirs are ▒premium▒ and still sell them cheap. So what is it that actually sets the Speedhawk apart? what is it that gives it that ▒premium▒ status? Answer: Everything!

The Speedhawk system, like others, is digital, it uses microprocessors (the current buzz word), and can be described with such phrases like ‘constant adaptive tuning’, ‘intelligent engine protection’ and other such vague and meaningless statements. However what really counts is what the system can actually do.

The software behind the tuning parameters is much more advanced than any other we have encountered on the market. The Speedhawk box can adjust the tuning so much more accurately than others which makes the tuning maps more effective. This of course results in better efficiency which in turn results in more power and better mpg.

The Speedhawk box is truly digital and reprogrammable. A lot of ‘digital’ tuning boxes use digital components, but are not actually programmable. This reprogrammable nature of the Speedhawk tuning box means it can be adjusted over and over again to ensure you have the best tuning available for your vehicle.

The Speedhawk box is remotely programmable. By this we mean you can update the tuning files yourself. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. This means you don’t have to send the box back to us, and have to wait for us to update it and get it sent back to you. Which if the seller is in a different country can be a real pain!

The Speedhawk box comes with multiple preset tuning files. There are some tuning boxes out there that come with 1 tuning setting. These by their very nature must use very restricted tuning as there is the possibility of it causing issues with your car. If that occurs then you need have no chance of solving the problem with simple adjustment.

Our tuning box settings are different tuning maps, not a simple power adjustment like the cheaper ones use. This doesn’t change the tuning map characteristics, it just increases or decreases the set tuning map as a whole. This can result in very poor performance should you need to decrease the power to stop faults occurring from over-tuning. With our 9 settings, you get 9 individual tuning maps with varying characteristics. This means you can eliminate faults while still achieving the top performance results.

The Speedhawk tuning box comes with a remote control. This feature means you can switch the tuning on/off whilst driving. Unlike all other tuning boxes (not just the cheap ones) you don’t have to switch the engine off, open the bonnet, switch it off (or even uninstall it) just to turn the tuning off. You simply press the button on the remote and hey presto! Job done.

The remote programmable feature of the tuning box means if you change your car, you can reprogram the tuning box to the new car yourself without the need to send it back to us. With the cheaper ones you would need to send it back if it can be reprogrammed, and for those that can’t you will have to purchase a whole new tuning box.

As you can see there are many factors that make the Speedhawk tuning box better than the cheaper ones technologically. And then there is the Lifetime warranty, 28 day money back guarantee and the unrivalled before and after sales support backed up with over 20 years of diesel tuning experience.

We could go on but hope that this is enough to show you that while 2 different tuning boxes may claim similar things, the product and results can be vastly different.

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Fed up of driving in the bad weather? These tips could help.

Top 10 Bad Weather Driving Tips

Being prepared and aware of potential hazards can avoid putting yourself in danger and damage to your vehicle.

  1. Is your journey essential? If you know you can avoid the journey and your route may be blocked, don’t go.
  2. If water is flowing quickly, find another route. As little as 30cm of flowing water can drag an average car and as little as 60cm is enough to float that car away.
  3. Kerb height is a good way to judge if the water is too deep, if you cannot see the kerb another route is a much better option.
  4. If you have to go through deep water; Keep a constant low speed, 2nd gear is best to keep it smooth, the higher revs will prevent water flowing up the exhaust.
  5. Check your wiper blades are in good condition, it is imperative that you can see!
  6. Turn your headlights on in reduced visibility so others can see you.
  7. Don’t go too fast through deep water, getting water in your engine intake can cause irreparable damage to your car. A bow wave can also cause damage to cars coming the other way or people and their property.
  8. Forced induction such as turbo or diesels should be extra careful of deep water as they are more likely to suck water into the intake and cause expensive hydro lock damage.
  9. Keep your fuel topped up, increased traffic, heating and getting stuck can all increase your fuel usage significantly.
  10. Leave a bigger gap for braking, lower friction and aqua planning can both exponentially increase stopping distances.

Stay safe on the road with all the horrible weather and let us know any more useful tips in the comments section or discuss them with us on Facebook.