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The fuel saving advantages of having a tuning box on your Tractor

24th May 2013 | Share:

Your tractor can do so much more!

Tractors now require more power due to the hard work and strain they’re put through on a daily basis. The problem is, with the extra strain you burn more fuel! Our BHPPlus tuning box will provide a clear reduction in fuel consumption in turn saving you money.

How it works

Less Rotation Speed = Less Consumption

Unfortunately, modern engines do not consume less fuel than their predecessors. This is related to the emission value that tractors nowadays have to meet. Our BHPPLUS box fine-tunes your whole engine characteristics, so that through lower rotation speed, not as many combustion sequences take place. Through the mixture enrichment, the engine gets more HP, more Torque and can access this power a lot earlier. Fuel savings of up to 15% can be achieved because of this process.

This was tried and tested on a range of tractors such as the John Deere 8330 and New Holland T 7050, the calculation for the fuel saving of 8000 litres is based on a tractor with an operational performance of 150 till 200 HP and working 1.000 operational hours per year. The working areas are split 70% in the fields and 30% mixed in different areas such as transportation.

What are the advantages to you?

With current fuel prices this could save you £5000 a year! Meaning within a few weeks the box has paid for itself, the rest being pure savings you would otherwise not see.

The BHPPlus tuning box itself increases the power (30%) and torque (30%) of your engine allowing you to stay in a higher gear when at a slower speed. This will result in the tractor engine becoming much more efficient thus burning less fuel.

Other ways you can save fuel for your tractor

Monitor your fuel use

If you don’t measure and record your daily fuel use you will not be able to manage your savings. Only by clearly knowing how much fuel you use in each tractor and for each job can you then determine where any in-efficiencies might be occurring.

Check tyre pressures

Make sure to check your tyres regularly, if your tyre pressures are too low, then rolling resistance goes up and if your tyre’s are too high a pressured they give too much slip. The most energy efficient setting is a compromise between these two states.


Good maintenance is a pre-requisite to efficiency. Changing filters and the tuning of the fuel delivery system will ensure things are running as efficiently as possible.

Stop idling

Turning off the tractor when it is not in use, instead of letting it idle is very important and can save you up to 5.4 litres of diesel per hour. Idling your tractor instead of shutting off the engine does not save any money in the long run because modern starter systems are more efficient than in the past but research has shown that more than 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than restarting.

If you are in the market to save money, following these simple things can save you thousands. A BHPPlus diesel tuning box is a simple way to save you money.

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