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0-60 time improvements with diesel tuning

20th March 2009 | Share:

Diesel Tuning companies often talk about the increased BHP, Torque and MPG figures. All 3 being extremely important factors in the the world of diesel tuning and all 3 are great indications of the level of improvements you should expect from your diesel tuning box.

However one often overlooked statistic is the 0-60 times. Due to the great increases in the torque characteristics, our diesel tuning box will dramatically improve your 0-60 times. This helps greatly in making your vehicle a much more enjoyable one to drive.

A couple of examples that we have to illustrate this point are as follows.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 V6 – 0-60 has gone from 10.5 secs to 6.78 secs
Mercedes Vito 112 cd1 (fully loaded) – 0-60 has gone from 16.8secs to 14.38secs

The Jeep Grand Cherokee obviously is already a fairly powerful engine and as a vehicle is designed to have fairly good speed anyway. As a result the improved torque and bhp have really made a difference on the 0-60 times with nearly a 4 second gain. An improvement of 35% cannot be ignored!

The Mercedes was fully loaded to give an example of a non-streamlined and fully loaded work vehicle. As you can see, significant improvements were seen with nearly 2.5secs shaved off the 0-60 time.

A diesel tuning box has fantastic benefits for your vehicle and these figures illustrate just how effective they are.


11 Responses to “0-60 time improvements with diesel tuning”

  1. I cant wait to get a tuning box for my vauxhall vectra 1.9cdti 120bhp.

  2. WKT says:

    Will the tuning box render the engine working too hard and die early?

  3. BHP Plus says:

    Hi WKT,

    No your engine will not die early, this tuning box enhances the performance it does not push it to its limits.

  4. Tony13 says:

    Why can’t I find anything for my Saxo XD?!

  5. Hi Tony13,

    Your Saxo XD Runs an older system with mechanical injectors, not the newer electrical common rail system. Common rail has been out since about 1996, but really hit the market in about 2002 – Your Saxo is before this time.

    Regards, Graham.

  6. Glenn says:

    Do you think i can use a tuning box on my TDCI focus which has already got a map?

    or will i break it 🙂


  7. BHP Plus says:

    If you have already got a decent remap, adding a tuning box is not going to give much additional benefit as they are doing the same thing. Keep it in mind for the next car, or if you have to have your car serviced by a main dealer – they will often restore the original tuning map, so you have lost all your performance improvements. The big advantage of the external tuning boxes is that you can remove them before going in to a main dealer.

  8. Thomas Armour says:

    My car
    Ford B Max 1.5 Diesel Oct 2012 mileage 15000. mpg 45/47 enjoy driving rather than worrying about light foot and mpg
    Any other B Max owner tried this piece of kit.

    Questions when car changed can device be re set to manage a different engine,if so cost please,,is it a sensible buy for my yearly mileage.

  9. craig says:

    what 0-60mph can I accept from your box on an astra 1.9cdti sri 150,

    once the box is removed is there anytrace of it

  10. Victor says:

    Hi i had a tuning box fitted to my bmw 520d 181bhp 2013 plate called turbotune dt when tested i did not notice any difference at all do you think new bmw engines are not compatible for tuning boxes …. am really concidering on giving your box a try as i have lost faith in tuning boxes. ..and if i turn up the setting to max will my common rail handle the pressure? Please restore my faith.

    many thanks vic p.s how much bhp will i get on max setting?

  11. Luv Jaiswal says:

    Just purchased this for my 2003 Range Rover L322 3.0 TD6. Hope to get more mileage and more power from the box. I can’t wait to check the 0-100kmph time!! Hopefully this box should do the trick.


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