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A Tuning Chip in a Box!

15th September 2010 | Share:

A Diesel Tuning Chip in a Box

Speedhawk Diesel Tuning BoxIf you read car tuning magazines and on-line forums or talk to other enthusiasts and mention diesel tuning boxes or diesel tuning chips (‘ECU remaps‘ or ‘chiping‘), you will often find that people have very different opinions.

One of the most common misconceptions we see is that tuning chips are superior,and that they work in a different way from an external tuning box. While this was true for previous generations of tuning boxes, the new range of Speedhawk diesel tuning boxes provide the same performance gains: They are a tuning chip in a box!

Older tuning boxes (an even some add-on chip tuning methods) simply ‘fooled’ the engine into thinking it was colder than it really was and supplying a richer fuel mix. Modern tuning boxes provide a complete tuning map, adjusting the engine parameters as the speed and load changes.

The big advantage of a diesel tuning box over a tuning chip is a that the tuning box can be installed by anyone with basic skills. The Speedhawk diesel tuning boxes only need a single connection to engine. You do need to find a mounting point for the tuning box in the engine bay – most are around the size of a deck of cards. They need to be away from significant heat, water or electrical interference, although we do have Safebox waterproof cases for 4x4s, tractors and agricultural vehicles.

Diesel Chip Tuning systems will generally only allow a single new tuning map to be installed. This will generally be a chip tuning map designed for your vehicle. Speedhawk Tuning boxes are capable of storing multiple ECU maps (up to 10 for the Common Rail version), giving you more choice, and the ability to select the one that matches your engine condition and driving style.


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