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BHP Plus Sponsor Volkswagen Racing

6th September 2010 | Share:

BHP Plus Diesel Tuning are happy to announce sponsorship of Peter Felix and his Golf GTi Mk V 2.0 Turbo in the Volkswagen Racing Cup.

Peter Felix Racing Golf GTiLaunched in 2000, the Volkswagen Racing Cup is widely regarded as the most exciting saloon car championship in the UK. It’s open to any model of racing Volkswagen and has attracted drivers of the Beetle RSi, Corrado, Vento & Golf VR6, Golf GTI of every generation, Jetta, Scirocco, Polo, Lupo and Bora models. The cars are placed into power/weight ratio groups, allowing a diverse range of vehicles in every race, from the lightweight Polo GTI, powerful V6 Beetle and torquey TDI Golf.

Peter drives a 2.0 turbo petrol powered Golf GTi, but the race team is a big fan of the performance boosts available using the Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Box range, using them both for their personal vehicles and offering them as part of their performance tuning and race preparation services on other vehicles.

Peter has managed an impressive performance so far this season, clocking up a 1st and 2nd place in the two most recent races at the Snetterton track on the 30th August.



3 Responses to “BHP Plus Sponsor Volkswagen Racing”

  1. paul brown says:

    Pete is one of 4 driver who can mathmatically win the championship this weekend .
    Although he has been on a smaller budget than most he has recorded the most race wins this year .
    Only blot on the series is a couple of RAC MSA infringement by OTHER drivers , so even after the weekend we still won’t know the final champion .

    See you all there this weekend at Donnington Park.. practice is on sat , both races are on sunday

  2. paul brown says:

    The weekend didnt really go to plan initially , as we had ato add extra weight , and at a circuit like Donnington, with its hills and climbs doesnt like extra weight.
    Pete qualified 8th , a little despondant but still up for the challenge , he finished race 1 in 3rd , just 0.13 off fastest lap .But the ever so consistant HERBIE DRIVER did enough to secure the title ,but 2nd in the championship was up for grabs.
    Race to starts 4th due to reverse grid , kept out of trouble finished 5th and sealed 5th in the championship ( official appeals depending reference another driver from previous round)

    But all in all great season , driver with most wins …and who knows if we had attendant the foreign round we may of been champions ?

    Thanks to all the support and efforts of all sponsers and team members in 2010.


  3. paul brown says:

    amend above post fat fingers ….sealed 2nd in championship ( not 5th )

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