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Diesel Tuning Aids ‘Staycations’

3rd July 2009 | Share:

Diesel Tuning Caravan

Diesel Tuning Caravan

You may have noticed across the news over the past few days many reports on us Brits holidaying within the UK. BBC referred to these as ‘Staycations’. Many of us are opting for caravan/camping holidays instead of the Mediterranean beaches.

Obviously with caravan, camping or motorhome based holidays, it involves pulling a high load with your vehicle. Many diesel cars can struggle to achieve a good performance when weighed down by so much extra load. One solution to this is to buy a more powerful vehicle to achieve the performance you are after. This however is not the most economical solution and of course not what you want to do just to go on holiday.

This is where the Speedhawk tuning box can really step up to the mark. At just £325 and a plug and play installation, it is designed to increse the power and torque of the engine. This can give a dramatic performance increase in the engine which makes pulling those extra loads much easier.

Not only this, when using so much power in the engine when towing, you should see some favourable improvements in MPG. The improved torque characteristics mean you can achieve better performance with less revs and gear changes, no more heading uphill in first with your foot to the floor! This puts less strain on the engine resulting in better MPG.

Diesel tuning is fast becoming the popular choice to help increase the drive-ability of the vehicle. With its simplicity, versatility and performance, you can’t go wrong.


3 Responses to “Diesel Tuning Aids ‘Staycations’”

  1. Tony Brooks says:

    What insurance implications are there if you fit a tuning box?

  2. BHP Plus says:

    That depends entirely on your insurance company and their current policies. You need to inform your insurance company of the upgrade as it is a performance upgrade. However, feedback from our customers and our own experience show that most insurance companies do not adjust the premium.

  3. BHP Plus says:

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