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Diesel has a new guise

14th November 2013 | Share:

We all know how economical a diesel is often with figures of 50-60 mpg and in some special circumstances 75mpg with the frugal VW polo blue motion 1.2 tdi. Even the top generation hybrids pushing 60-70mpg on a perfect run is not significantly better than the diesels from years before.

However if I was to come to you with the next generation figure of 257mpg I am sure you would ask me, how? VW yet again have managed surprisingly impressive figures in a car that will actually be available to the public. The Up! A car on roads already has been given a hybrid motor but with an advanced 800cc 2 cylinder diesel forma. Yes we can only assume a two cylinder diesel is going to be a lumpy sounding clatter but an impressive 47bhp has been squeezed from the diesel to perfectly match the 47bhp electric motor. It leans away from the standard electric and petrol engine to recharge and extend range, instead the Up! has the ability to be plugged in to recharge like an all-electric car as well as well as from the engine and breaking regeneration.

Considering the batteries only allow for a 31 mile range when relying on electric only as well as a tiny 33-litre fuel tank the combined mileage of a huge 600+ miles is an incredible feat.

This seriously impressive car is known simply as the Twin-Up! and could be the true future of ‘city car’ economy quality and reliability.

Posted by: A. Sturney


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