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Are we in the Middle of a Pothole Epidemic?

18th October 2013 | Share:

Are we in the middle of a pothole epidemic?

Are we in the middle of a pothole epidemic?

Recent figures indicate there are close to 200,000 potholes on Britain’s roads and many suggesting there is a pothole for every mile of road. The number of compensation claims received by councils as a result of these potholes has increased by 79% in the past year.

Information obtained by the Britannia Rescue via a Freedom of Information request, showed that nine per cent of motorists have experienced damage to their car as a result of poor road surfaces.

Researchers blame the combination of a harsh winter followed by a dry summer for exacerbating the problem but they argue there is not enough funding for road maintenance.

Britannia Rescue managing director Peter Horton stated: “Britain’s pothole epidemic has resulted from years of underinvestment in our roads and has been exacerbated by recent harsh winters.”

The problem seems to be made much worse by the fact that some councils are providing temporary fixes to these potholes, rather than resurfacing the entire area.

Under-funding does appear to be the main cause of the pothole issue, but the government appears to be trying to rectify this constantly growing issue and a Department for Transport spokesman said: “This Government has set aside just under £6 billion for English highway authorities over the course of the next parliament for local highways maintenance – enough to fill 19 million potholes per year.”

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