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Why Buy From BHP Plus?

An honest question deserves an honest answer.

Speed Hawk Diesel Tuning

Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Box Facts

  • Our diesel tuning boxes are of the highest quality, manufactured in Germany by a company with 20 years of tuning and motorsport experience.

  • They are fully digital and pre-programmed to best suit your vehicle.

  • The 9 preset tuning maps are more accurate, reliable and safe than others on the market (especially much cheaper ones!).

  • The only one to come with an on/off remote control which allows you to switch it on or off whilst driving if needed (possibly to cut power output in icy or bad weather conditions, or when lending the car to your 17 year old son!)

  • They come with a 5 year warranty so if the tuning box has a component failure, we will replace it for you.

  • If you change your car to another modern diesel with the same type of injection system (e.g. Common rail) then you can transfer our tuning box to it. You may need a reprogram and change of harness at a nominal cost.

Diesel Tuning Box

Speedhawk Tuning Box

This is a very common and valid question posed to us which deserves an honest answer.

You can browse around the internet and find a number of "tuning box" and "performance chip" suppliers at various price levels and of course all claiming theirs are the best.

Lets talk about the price issue to start with. Cheaper tuning boxes are simply not as good. They will be analogue systems (despite, in some cases, what the seller may claim) which means the tuning curves cannot be specifically designed for your car. This in turn can cause problems with tuning being applied in areas of the engine tolerances that your vehicle can not accommodate. This can cause your engine to hunt and may cause fault codes to appear. At best there will be a dial to reduce the tuning down but by the time you get to a working setting you will have virtually no tuning applied and it will be a waste of your well earned money.

Of course there is the issue of tuning boxes that are more expensive than ours. Are these then better than ours? We have tested a few and we have not seen any feature of those tuning boxes that would be superior to ours. It all comes down to the results and ours have one of the most versatile programming methods we have seen which allows for the most efficient tuning maps to be created and loaded onto the box.

The next issue to address is false information and false marketing. In 2008, with the recession kicking in and fuel prices soaring to all time highs, the buzz word was 'Eco Tuning'. Many companies offer Eco tuning and Power tuning as 2 separate options. Some even have 2 different tuning boxes, one for eco and one for power. However this is just a marketing gimmick. Good quality tuning boxes will increase the efficiency of the engine. This results in an increase in power and torque. The more power and torque you get from the tuning boxes, the less revs you need to achieve the same speeds and the less gear changes you need to make. It is this that directly effects fuel economy. Therefore the most “Economical” tuning is actually also the most “Powerful” tuning. They go hand in hand, not either or. Our tuning boxes are designed to make your engine the most efficient it can be giving you the best performance from your engine as well as the best fuel economy. Why have one or the other, have both!

Another strange one to pop up from a couple of sellers is this “Free 1 year engine warranty”. Do we offer a free engine warranty? No. Why? Because there is no need. For the same reason we don't offer a Free warranty on your tyres, your seats or your stereo. As openly stated by the sellers who offer these warranties, the tuning box cannot cause damage to your engine. They also state they have never had a warranty claim! So why offer the warranty in the first place? It’s just to get you thinking that maybe something could happen and, in the case it does, you are covered. Well we prefer to be honest and up front, not to worry our customers unduly, and just assure you again that our tuning boxes cannot harm your engine.

So, the answer to the question “Why buy from us?” is “The Truth”. You know the information on our website is true, we will not try to mislead you just to get a sale, we will not offer you throw away warranties or try and claim technologies that we simply don't have.