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Skoda Diesel Tuning

Manufacturer specific information regarding diesel tuning boxes.



  • Quick and simple to install and remove
  • Accurate engine-specific tuning maps for the most power
  • Total control with on/off remote
  • Full 28 day money back guarantee and 5 year warranty
  • Highest quality German technology

Skoda Diesel Tuning Skoda diesel tuning boxes give superb results in increasing both the power (HP and torque) and fuel economy available from your diesel engine.
  • Up to 35% increased power (HP)
  • Up to 35% increased torque
  • Up to 20% better MPG
The modern Skoda diesel engines use the VW Pumpe Duse technology which enables the diesel tuning boxes to be plugged directly into the ECU control. This makes installation of the tuning boxes very easy on most Skoda diesel engines.

Skoda diesel tuning is on the increase due to the rise in fuel prices. The Speedhawk tuning box offers up to 20% improved fuel economy which in today's market equates to a significant saving.

Fuel economy is not the only benefit of the Speedhawk tuning box. With up to 35% more BHP and Torque available, the increased performance achieved using the diesel tuning box makes driving your Skoda a much more enjoyable experience.

Skodda Diesel Tuning can be achieved on most modern Hyundai cars.

Skoda Diesel Cars