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Simple Diesel Tuning

Plug and Play Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Boxes

Speedhawk diesel tuning boxes are designed to be easy to install - generally taking 15 to 30 minutes on most vehicles. Installation requires very little technical knowledge - although in a few cases we suggest the installation is completed by a professional auto-technician, mainly due to difficulties in locating and accessing the common rail.

The tuning box is connected to the Common Rail and communicates directly with the ECU. The technology used is gentle to the motor and produces great improvements in power, torque and MPG.

Please read the fitting instructions included with the diesel tuning box carefully and fully.


  • Speedhawk tuning box kit for your vehicle
  • Set of standard hand tools (screwdrivers, spanners)
  • Cable ties or high strength adhesive pads for installing the tuning box.
  • Cable ties or cable hooks for clipping in the harness wiring

Basic Installation Guide:

  1. Connect the harness (cable) with the serial port on to the tuning box.
  2. Common rail locationLocate the exact position of the Common Rail on your engine. The engine covering has to be removed in most cars.
  3. In most cases, the rail is very easy to locate. Follow the injector tubes as these all run directly into the Common Rail. The CR-sensor for the tuning box is always 3-pin (not to be confused with the 2-pin pressure valve) and will be located either at the end or in the centre of the common rail.
  4. Once located, disconnect the existing plug from the CR-sensor. Then connect the corresponding plug of the harness supplied to the CR-sensor. Finally connect the remaining socket on the harness to the previously disconnected plug, thus creating the loop.
  5. Test the tuning box is functioning correctly and the engine starts ok.
  6. Select optimum tuning map. Diesel Tuning Box Settings Control
  7. Secure box in place. The tuning box should be installed as far away as possible from engine heat as well as locations causing damaging vibrations. The location should also be dry, although the tuning box has limited water resistance. For situations where extra protection against water and dirt may be needed (e.g. agricultural, 4x4, off road use etc.) we have a purpose built Safe Box to further protect the diesel tuning box.
  8. Most important: Enjoy your improved diesel engine!
Our technical support team are here to help, if you should have problems with the installation or performance of the engine, please contact us.