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Safe Diesel Tuning

Are diesel engine tuning boxes safe for my engine?

Safe Diesel Tuning with Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Boxes

Jeep Diesel EngineThe Speedhawk Diesel Tuning Box is carefully designed to help you to get the most from your diesel engine. It works with the engine, adjusting the fuel pressure, airflow and fuel mixture to boost the power and torque. This type of diesel tuning talks to the ECU before it has adjusted the engine parameters. The engine is therefore still controlled by your existing diesel ECU and will not adjust any settings outside of its pre-defined safety settings.

Each diesel tuning box is programmed with a selection of tuning maps appropriate to the specific vehicle it will be used on. This ensures that the tuning applied is appropriate to your engine.

On Common Rail systems, you also have the ability to select the level of tuning applied, ranging from 0 (off) up to 9 (maximum tuning). Pumpe Duse systems are also adjustable. During setup it is technically possible to over fuel the vehicle with any tuning system. With the Speedhawk tuning box your ECU will at all times protect your engine and management systems. We provide full easy to follow installation instructions.

The previous generation of diesel tuning systems used a very crude method of 'fooling' the ECU into providing an overly rich mixture of fuel by adding a simple resistor to the sensor. This could cause problems if too high resistance was added, leading to very rich fuel that caused smoking, and potentially other problems.

The current generation of tuning boxes (and diesel remaps/tuning chips) are much more advanced, dynamically changing the level of tuning applied depending on the condition of the engine.

Finally, from time to time vehicles can break down, whether they have been modified or are completely standard. One big advantage of the Speedhawk diesel tuning boxes from BHP Plus is that they can be completely removed very quickly bringing the vehicle back completely to standard, which is great for testing and problem-solving.