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Diesel Tuning for Agricultural Vehicles

Getting more from your tractor, digger, combine harvester or other agricultural vehicles

The Speedhawk range of Diesel Tuning Boxes is now available for a wide range of agricultural vehicles. Primarily focused on tractors, we are also developing diesel tuning chips for some of the more common vehicles. Vans and pickups are already covered under the regular car range.

John Deere Tractors can benefit from a Diesel Tuning Box

What can a diesel tuning box do for me?

  • Up to 35% more horsepower
  • Up to 35% more torque
  • Up to 20% improvement in MPG or Gallons per Hour

Applying tuning to a diesel engine releases its full potential, providing noticeable improvements in horsepower and torque. When used under load, such as towing, harrowing or ploughing, the increased power lets the engine work and at lower RPM, boosting your fuel efficiency.

The increased efficiency can make the payback time as little as 100 working hours, depending on your current consumption and fuel costs.

How easy is it to install?

The Speedhawk diesel tuning boxes are very straightforward to install. They simply plug inline to the common rail connector. Supplied with an extra long 2m cable and the protective Safebox, the tuning box can be mounted at any suitable point in the tractors engine bay.

It takes around 15 to 30 minutes to install one of the tuning boxes, and the easy to follow instructions mean that it is a upgrade that does not require a visit from a mechanic.

Is tuning safe for my diesel engine?

The Speedhawk range of tuning boxes are designed and built in Germany, and have extensive testing on each engine variation before being made available for sale. Each tuning box comes with up to 9 pre-defined tuning chip programs already installed. The programs are designed specifically for your engine, and the range of programs available allows you to select the one that works best for your engine condition and workload.

The Speedhawk tuning boxes are not just a simple resistor that 'fools' the engine into creating a richer fuel/air mix, but is a complete upgrade that monitors every aspect of the engine at all speeds. They work with the existing ECU (Electronic Control Unit), and always within it's pre-set safety parameters.

How can you provide more power than the manufacturers?

There are two reasons diesel tuning boxes are able to provide such dramatic increases in power and efficiency.

The first is that manufacturers will design a single engine to be used in a variety of vehicles with different power outputs. The actual power obtained is largely controlled by the ECU, so by adjusting this we can obtain the performance of a higher specification model.

The second reason is that diesel engines are designed with a range of applications and tolerances in mind. When a manufacturer sets the ECU , it has to cope with a wide range of conditions: fuel quality, altitude and level of maintenance among others. To allow for this, the ECU is set with very wide tolerances.

In the UK, altitude is rarely a problem, and fuel supply is consistent and of good quality. We can therefore allow the engine to release more power without compromising engine longevity. The increased power has the add-on effect of improving MPG or Gallons per Hour, as the engine is more capable.

Power and Torque - Before Tuning
Power and Torque - After Tuning
Ploughing with a Diesel Tuning Box

Will it affect my warranty?

This depends on the manufacturer and where you purchased the vehicle from, as well as sometimes the attitude of your dealer. However, one major advantage Diesel Tuning Boxes have over diesel tuning chips is that they can be easily removed in a few minutes to revert the vehicle back to standard.

Servicing can therefore be done unaffected by the diesel tuning box, and if you need to sell the vehicle the diesel tuning box can generally be removed and moved to a new vehicle (although you will probably need new programs and possibly a new connector cable).

The diesel tuning boxes for Common Rail diesel engines even come with a remote control so the tuning box can be disabled from inside the cab.

What vehicles can have a Diesel Tuning Box installed?

Please return to the top of this page and search in the 'Find a Diesel Tuning Box for my Tractor' tool. If your vehicle is not listed please Contact Us! We are always adding new vehicles, and may still be able to assist. We can also speak to the developers and see if a tuning chip specific to your agricultural vehicle can be developed.