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BMW Diesel Tuning

Manufacturer specific information regarding diesel tuning boxes.



  • Quick and simple to install and remove
  • Accurate engine-specific tuning maps for the most power
  • Total control with on/off remote
  • Full 28 day money back guarantee and 5 year warranty
  • Highest quality German technology

BMW Diesel Tuning To find the correct Speedhawk tuning box for your BMW, please select your vehicle using the drop-down menus at the top of this page.

BMW diesel tuning provides a significant increase in power, torque and fuel economy. With power and torque increases of up to 35%, a tuning box can really increase the driving experience.
  • Up to 35% increased power (HP)
  • Up to 35% increased torque
  • Up to 20% better MPG
The modern BMW diesel engines mostly use the Common Rail technology which enables the diesel tuning boxes to be plugged directly into the CR sensor of the Common Rail. This makes installation of the tuning boxes very easy on most BMW engines. In most cases installation of the diesel tuning box is simply a case of removing the engine cover, locating the CR sensor and attaching the unit to the CR sensor plug.

BMW diesel tuning is becoming more common due to high fuel prices. The Speedhawk tuning box can achieve up to 20% improved fuel economy which in todays market equates to a significant annual saving.
Diesel Tuning can be achieved on most modern BMW diesel cars including - if your car is not shown in the list, please contact use as we are continually developing new diesel chips for BMW diesel engines.

How Will Diesel Tuning Improve my BMW?

BMW diesel tuning works by connecting to the CR sensor on the common rail injection system of the BMW Engine. Once connected the tuning box will intercept the signal that is sent to the ECU system. The diesel tuning box will then modify the signal and send this modified version onto the ECU. This new information means the ECU will update the engine parameters accordingly which results in an increase in power and torque.

The increase in torque also translates into an improvement in MPG used by the BMW engine. Drivers that make use of the full torque from their BMW will see the most improvement in MPG.

BMW Diesel Cars